Conference topics

1. Physics of Particles and Atomic Nuclei

  • High Energy Physics
  • Structure of Atomic Nuclei
  • Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear Astrophysics

2. Nuclear Technologies and Nuclear Energy

  • Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials
  • Nuclear methods in Science and Production
  • Radiochemistry, Production and Application of Radioisotopes
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Instruments for Registration of Nuclear Radiation

3. Radiation Physics of Condensed Matter

  • Radiation Physics of Structural Transformations
  • Radiation Technology of Modification of Properties of Solid and nanoscale materials
  • Nanophysics and nanomaterials

4. Nuclear and Radiation Safety

  • Ecology
  • Radioactive Waste Utilization

The working languages of the conference will be English at plenary sessions and both English and Russian at parallel sessions.